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Beat Break 87 FM & is a 24/7 online radio station for talk radio content and independent music programming. Beat Break 87 FM is a subsidiary of Reach One Communications. 


Beat Break 87 FM was launched on January 1, 2016. The station was developed through a radio show under the name The Beat Break Radio Show, which aired on Love 860 AM/WAEC Atlanta on February 4th, 2010. Since the show’s departure from the AM airwaves on February 25th 2012, The Beat Break Radio Show slowly transitioned into it's own radio podcast, and later it's own media platform renaming it Beat Break Radio. The active programming manager, Sean Garvey, decided to bring on board other radio shows, including The Dee Hill Radio Show, The 360 Mix Show, The Gospel Train, and The Random Select to help form what is now known as Beat Break 87 FM. 


What is Beat Break 87 FM Affiliate Stations?



Audience Reach?


50 to 500 listeners worldwide on several platforms, including,, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, YouTube, Beat Break 87 FM app, and Spreaker Radio where Beat Break Radio can be found. 


Target Audience?

African-Americans between 18 to 45. Major target are millennial audiences and online radio listeners in the 18 to 35 age group. The station is also catered to other ethnic groups, including Caucasian-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Hispanic-Americans in the millennial age group. 


Where is your station located?


Atlanta, Georgia


What are the hours of operation?


Our office Hours are from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday & we operate online 24/7 365 days a year on


What is the focus of your station?


The focus of the radio station is to empower, educate, and entertain our listeners through music and talk programming. Beat Break 87 FM also breaks new artists on the airwaves and introduce new voices to the industry.


Is the station active in the local community? If so, In what ways?


Beat Break 87 FM is always active in the community. Every week, we are requested to execute live radio remotes at local venues and our staff participates in speaking engagements across the community. For example, on-air personality Sha'ria Thomas represented Beat Break Radio by volunteering at the annual 2016 Sweet Auburn Springfest in Atlanta, Georgia on May 7th, 2016. Beat Break 87 FM also covered movie premiere screenings, including films such as Jimmy: Did You Get One and Tangled and Twisted. You can view our community events photo page by going to and click on the PICS tab.


Who is the Program Manager of the station?


The program manager of Beat Break 87 FM is Sean Garvey.


How do you see the landscape of radio changing in the next few years?


The landscape of radio is going into the direction of becoming more digital and internet based than ever before compared to terrestrial radio. Internet, podcast, and online radio will be heard more in cars, businesses, and other places around the world in the next few years. This is where Beat Break 87 FM comes in because we are internet radio and available on the app for ages 18-45 to hear daily.


What general advice can you give to new and aspiring artists looking for radio play?


The best advice our team here at Beat Break 87 to give to new and aspiring  artists looking for radio airplay is to make sure you and your team make a radio friendly version of your music before submitting it to radio Djs. Most radio stations (including internet radio) will not play your music, unless it's clean and edited. Second piece of advice is to have all your music copyrighted, licensed and registered to services such as BMI, SEASC, and ASCAP. This route will help artists get compensated for royalties every time their song receives spins on the radio. Lastly, every artists material must be mixed, mastered and not too lengthy. This makes the on-air talent job harder if he or she plays a record and the song is not properly produced.


Where do you see the station in the next five years?


We see Beat Break 87 FM adding more new content and on-air personalities to it's weekly line up. The other goal is to generate more listener ship to 60 million listeners around the world, inviting a larger amount of underwriters and advertisers to promote their brand on BB87.






Does Beat Break 87 FM have it's own app? If so, what can people expect from the app?


Beat Break 87 FM is the only app that features several non-commercial independent radio programming, royalty free music, information, news, sports and weather updates in the local Atlanta area.

Powered by BV Mobile Apps, the Beat Break 87 FM app provides additional features that everyone can enjoy while listening to great content on the go!

For You - Listen to your favorite Beat Break 87 FM shows via live stream through the TuneIn Radio link on the app home screen.

Favorites  Our on demand feature is available at your fingertips to listen to previous aired live content.

Perfect For - Beat Break 87 FM app has hundreds of independent and royalty free Hip-Hop & R&B music to listen while you are traveling to work, dropping the kids off to school, exercising, doing the chores, or just in the mood to hear music during your "ME" time.

Shows and Personalities -Listen to your favorite on-air personalities live as they give you the best in talk radio, including up to the minute news, information, interviews, political, and social commentary.

Beat Break 87 FM app is mobile friendly and best of all, it''s free. Try it today and see why Beat Break Radio is the #1 station for independent Hip-Hop, R&B, and talk radio. Follow Beat Break 87 FM on all of your social media platforms and please let us know how we can improve by sharing your thoughts, wishes and wants by sending us an email on our website,!

To stay completely up to date, be sure to join our community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @beatbreakradio, where you'll always get the latest information, contests and access to new artists.


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